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CW Tue 10:00am Rookie No Fear (19-Jul-16)
Session Grade: 49.87    
Place Result % Graded
Pair Name Green pts
1117.1 65.06%u/g HELEN SAWKINS - SHIRLEY LOWE (1)0.21
2108.8 60.44%u/g JANIS VON TAKACH - LOUISE BEKKELI (7)0.15
3105.1 58.39%u/g ANNE REIN - RODNEY GILMOUR (3)0.11
490.9 50.50%u/g DIANNE DAVIS - DENIS HARRISON (4) 
576.8 42.67%u/g SALLY O'NEILL - LORRAINE DOYLE (2) 
641.3 22.94%u/g EVA JAMBRICH - MARGARET CLARK (5) 
Place Result % Graded
Pair Name Green pts
1111.1 61.73%u/g ALAN BARWICK - JAN MILEY (4)0.21
2107.4 59.67%u/g HILARY RICHARDS - MARGARET SCOTT (2)0.15
398.6 54.80%u/g JULIE BENDEL - JOHN BENDEL (3)0.11
491.3 50.73%u/g ANASTASIA SHEVLIN - IREN MAJEDI (1) 
590.3 50.17%u/g LIS KNUDSEN - GWEN NORMAN (7) 
668.4 38.00%u/g PETER PROUDFOOT - LILY CHEN (6) 

* Your Graded Result is your performance compared to your expected performance in this field. Expected performance is based on your grade (determined from your previous sessions) as well as your partner's, and also the strength of this field. A zero means you performed as expected, and 'u/g' means ungraded because one or both players haven't played enough sessions to determine a grade (approximately 10 sessions needed).

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